Orgasmic Meditation® and Personal Safety

One of the most powerful aspects of the practice of Orgasmic Meditation®(OM) is its ability to connect people, whether its your spouse of 25 years or someone you just met.

While this experience can be a gift, we hope that all practitioners will remember that like any interaction you have with anyone you don’t know well, you should take care in arranging OM partners.

The container of OM was created to make the practice as consistent and reliable as possible, so that Orgasmic Meditation is the same whenever and wherever it is practiced and both practitioners can enjoy and learn from each experience.

That being said, OneTaste cannot manage or be responsible for people’s personal lives.

The following is our policy around personal boundaries and OM.

  • Make sure that you review the Container and Form document so that you know exactly what is and isn’t part of an OM.
  • You may ask anyone to stop an OM for any reason at any time.
  • If you believe the person you are OMing with is breaking the container, you can ask them to adjust at any time and you can ask them to stop at any time.
  • If someone is OMing with you and asks you to stop you should stop immediately, even if you believe that you are within the form and container of the OM.
  • If you had an experience with someone that made you uncomfortable, you may not want to interact with them anymore, or not interact with them for a period of time. You may want to ask this person to stop contacting you.
  • You have a right to have your privacy respected and to block anyone with whom you have had a bad experience from your phone and other media.
  • If someone asks you not to contact them anymore, respect this request, even if you believe that you have remained within the container at all times.
  • If you have an experience which you believe is outside the container while OMing with a OneTaste Certified Coach, or OneTaste Coach-In-Training, or Employee or Teacher of OneTaste Inc, OneTaste LA, OneTaste Bay Area, OneTaste NY, or TurnON Britain, you may report the incident to [email protected] and we will investigate the matter.
  • OneTaste does everything we can to create a safe environment in our courses and on our premises. Outside of our courses and classes we cannot manage and be responsible for people’s personal lives.
  • If you believe that someone's conduct during or related to an OM has harmed you or was unlawful you have the option of seeking legal counsel and/or reporting the incident to the police.